Monday, March 15, 2010

The time change effected more people than they are willing to admit.  This morning I was sitting in the turn lane waiting for my turn to Right Turn on Red just minding my own business (well I was talking on the phone hands free and legally), when this lady in the car pictured hit the back of my car with hers.  So, because it was a fender bender, I pulled out of traffic and grabbed my camera.  I checked the back of my car for damage and there wasn't any.  I then walked up to her car and took this picture (I blurred the license plate).  There was no damage on her car either.  As I was looking at her car she rolled the window down and asked "Did I hit your car?".  I informed her that she had but there was no damage.  She had a bewildered look on her face.  Almost like she wasn't completely awake yet. She could have turned off the alarm and slept an extra hour like I did.  I woke up all refreshed until I saw the time and had to make a mad dash out the door.  It was McDonald's coffee for me this morning instead of the usual Community Coffee freshly brewed at home.  How have you adjusted to the time change?

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  1. Spring time change is much harder to become adjusted to than Fall time change(we get our hour back).
    So glad no damage was done to either cars and no one hurt.
    Love your ad for the gumbo book!