Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We finally got some signs of spring.  The temperature was 58.5 degrees when I took this picture and it was just after 5pm.  There was plenty of light and the wind was still.  We are hoping for good weather through the weekend.  We have some training to do.  Stacie and I are going to attempt hiking up Barr Trail up to Pike's Peak this year in the early summer.  It's an altitude gain of over 7,000 feet in 12-plus miles. It is the most difficult regional trail because of the elevation gain and the distance.  So the spring weather is welcomed.  We need to get back in shape.  We have a few practice runs planned and we will climb The Incline a few times (see Blog on February 15).  The difficult part of climbing up to 14,110 feet to the summit of Colorado's most famous mountain is logistics.  You have to arrange for transportation down the mountain unless you want to turn around and trek the 12 miles back down.  We will more than likely take the train down.  The Cog Railway (a possible subject of a future Blog) will take you from Manitou Springs up to the summit in about 1.5 hours.  Luckily you can buy a one way ticket to take you down.  The first time we attempted the hike (if you remember lightning chase us down) we were over-prepared.  I had a backpack loaded with about 20-25 pounds of gear.  We probably needed only half of what we brought but there are a dozen people each year that have to be rescued off of the mountain and I don't want to be "that guy".  What are the signs of spring in your state? 

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