Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm sure that most of the viewers of my blog (both of you) are probably getting tired of mountains and sunsets, but scenes like this can't be ignored.  Stacie took some time from studying and joined me on my evening walk.  There was a pair of beautiful geese swimming in the reflected light of the secluded lake next to the resort.  We were discussing the escaped otter (Kitchi) (from the nearby Cheyenne Mountain Zoo) when Stacie saw a cozy little bridge along the water.  Just as she was saying it would be amazing if we were to find the lost semi-aquatic mammal, a well-timed splash caught us by surprise.  I didn't get a glimpse of what scared us, but Stacie got a good look at the 3 foot fish.  Not bad for a lake in the middle of town.  As the sun set over our shoulders, we crossed the golf course back into our neighborhood and crossed paths with deer trying to find his way back to the bedded down herd.  I love these strolls, especially when I'm accompanied by my soul mate.  Where are you in your walk of life?

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