Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stacie and I started our day with a walk along the beach. There were already quite a few people out and about and even a handful of brave souls “enjoying” the brisk morning water. We were warmed by a well placed cup of coffee and I soon forgot about being chilly. It seemed that the day was preparing for warmer temperatures in comparison to the past two or three. We took Elijah and Rozzlyn to “The Dennis the Menace” City Park in Monterey. For a public park, this one was very well done with all types of things for the little kiddies to scramble upon. There was a large railroad engine that took in all who were climbing all over it just like a mature dog might tolerate an active toddler pulling its tail. Some of the gizmos at the park were built to accommodate adult sized rompers giving them a chance to express their inner six year old. I was a bit grumpy this morning (OK, all day and a lot grumpy) and though I didn’t partake of the opportunity to play, I totally appreciated those who did. There is something magical in the transformation of a 30 something year old man while he sits on an undersized lady bug swing and enjoys the laughter of his bewildered daughter. The time came for us to depart and we drove a couple of hours to the San Francisco airport. I am currently typing this at 36,000 feet. Taco, Stacie and I have had the pleasure to be on the same flight from Denver to “Frisco” and “Frisco” to Denver although we had to sit apart on the way back due to crowded seating. I just peered over at Stacie across the aisle and she has the noise-canceling headphones filling her head with financial studies. Taco is directly in front of me and hasn’t stirred much so I’m hoping he is getting some well deserved rest. Two days is not enough time to see all the wonderful sights that the Monterey area has to offer and I encourage you to try to schedule some time to visit Cannery Row, Pebble Beach, and the Fisherman’s Wharf (travel tip: go when it’s warm!) Do you have family that lives in a beautiful part of the country?

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