Monday, April 5, 2010

This time of day reminds me of when I was a little boy and chased fireflies around the house and the ambient noise was full of locusts that vocalized darkness approaching.  The air was not only filled with tiny glowing insects but also the smells of dinner on the table.  A growing boy needed lots of exercise and a full tummy.  After the great meal, he had to take a bath where he only washed his knees then lied about it.  Sometimes he just sat on the side of the tub and ran his fingers through the water.  Those grass stained blue jeans, that were perfectly clean at the start of the day, could stand on their own just feet away from the clothes hamper.  And boy if they could talk, they would tell some mostly true stories.  Like the time one of the boys in the neighborhood found a lighter and a different boy brought a model rocket engine from his house.  Soon the curiosity took control and as the lighter increased the temperature, a bystander placed his hand over the engine to see if it was getting hot.  It was, and it unexpectedly took flight leaving 3rd degree burns and a half dozen scared to death 3rd graders (this one was all true).  It all happened just as the sun began to think about setting and 40 years later is still vivid in my mind. What are you reminded of at dusk?

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  1. I think of years gone by and our little Mom fixing supper and our family gathered around the supper table. Good memories.
    Also I think of waiting for your Dad to come home from work and how we all (including the dog)ran to the door to greet him.Supper cooking in the background and how happy we all were to be together,Precious, Precious Times