Thursday, April 1, 2010

We spent another busy day in California.  We walked and drove up and down the Pacific coast and had some slightly cool but beautiful weather.  The water color just can't be captured in a picture so you'll have to travel here to see it for yourself (Arnold would be proud of the state promotion).  The flowers are in full bloom and were a major target of my lens today.  We had a dive bombing feeding frenzy from some really hungry seagulls and some were posing as if they were about to hit the fashion runway.  As we toured Pebble Beach I was too involved with researching home values to see that world famous golf course green surrounded by the ocean.  One of the estates had a price tag of 34 million dollars.  I'll take two.  A couple of Geocaches were found and we really had a wonderful day.  To top off the day we were joined in our visit by Clair and Elijah.  This was the first time that Rozzlyn and Elijah have seen each other and they seemed to have hit it off pretty well.  The images of the ocean spray and beauty of the flowers are still persistent on the surface of my mind's eye.  Tonight's dreams will be filled with spectacular colors and those warm and cozy feelings you get when family gets together.  Do you dream in color?

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