Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another busy day for all of us.  Our evening walk took us up Cheyenne Mountain and we came across a few barking dogs, some friendly passers-by, and pedestrian seeking sprinklers.  Clair and Elijah made the trek easier than the first time and we shaved some time off of the entire journey.  We even introduced Elijah to a one star general that we know but he didn't seem impressed in the slightest.  The views from the walk down are spectacular and it makes us wonder how we could miss the vistas on the way up.  The dog on the deck of this house announced our arrival, our photo opportunity, and our departure without missing a beat.  We took in some of the serenity of this side street (except for the deck mounted canine alarm) and we continued down the mountain back home.  Stacie had a nice Nepali style dinner prepared before we went on our hike and we quickly devoured it.  Where is your private get-away?

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