Friday, June 4, 2010

The command decision to make nachos tonight was followed by a "we don't have this and we don't have that" so we started walking to the grocery store.  I took the opportunity to check on a Geocache I've hidden and it was missing again so I'll have to work on getting it back in play again.  I bypassed the watermelon at the entrance to the store and continued inside where I found these vessels carefully positioned above the cantaloupes.  In the dairy section we all huddled together to choose the cheese for dinner and then it was off to more important things; the pie section.  We picked a crumbled top Dutch apple (my favorite right now) and checked out.  Stacie and I got sticker shock since we are so used to shopping at the commissary where the prices are a third of off-base stores.  So now we are enjoying our nachos on the back deck and Elijah reports that the temperature is 86 degrees.  The conversation has been diverse and quite interesting.  How far do you have to go to get to a grocery store?

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