Friday, June 11, 2010

For all of my 49 years Momsy has always lived in this home in Kaplan, La but tonight her bed and chair are empty.  Stacie, Clair, Elijah, and I drove for 20 hours straight to be here to pay our respects.  Stacie took the hardest shift (the first one, 11:30pm to 3:30am) and she got us to the New Mexico/Texas border.  We then dished out the driving assignments as drivers were rested and we only stopped for food, fuel, and facilities.  We arrived in Kaplan at around 7:00pm and we are exhausted.  Energy levels may be low but spirits are high while we ponder about the look on Momsy's face when she got to see Popsy after all these years.  Our questions are many but we know where to find the answers.  How will He comfort your family in time of need?

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  1. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. God was with our dear sweet grandmother when she was born and was there in the time of her physical death. The empty bed and the empty chair in this picture seem so finite, but those that know the Lord and Savior that she believed in know that it is not. Words are not adequate for the thankfulness I have in my heart for the wonderful Christian heritage I have. I am so blessed to have been born in this wonderful family.