Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today as I watched family and friends file in to pay their respects to Momsy I was reminded that life's journey is much like this ship.  On its maiden voyage the crew is getting to know its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  From that point on, the vessel is used at its maximum potential by experienced sailors as they learn the best way to exploit its strengths and circumnavigate its weaknesses.  We must all navigate life and pay attention to the swelling seas, the rough weather and maintain our vessels in order to stay the course and arrive in the port safely.  During our quest we must know when to let out our sails, when to drop anchor and when to steer clear of obstacles in the water that could sink our chances of success.  We must put our trust in the Light House and know that it will never let us down and will always keep us from danger.  Sometimes a view from the crow's nest gives us perspective and we can be guided past the sand bars.  Who is at the helm in your life?

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