Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Populus deltoides (Eastern Cottonwood Tree) has many catkins (counterpart to the pollen) seeds that split and are distributed by the wind.  These cotton-like strands float all over the place and right now they are covering our back deck pretty well since the offending tree is just feet from where I type.  Stacie and I gave up on the daily sweeping ritual since we found out that it didn't matter.  The backyard looks as if a fresh coat of snow has silently fallen onto the blades of grass despite the fact that it is 82 degrees.  The pile of soft, white, fluffiness is around 4 inches thick under the steps to the hot tub and if the gentle evening breeze that I'm enjoying blows in the right direction, the dining room will be covered in stuff that will take days to eradicate so I better go and shut the sliding door.  That's better.  As I sit and relax, shaking the days "dust" from my attitude, I can't help but take in the therapeutic benefits of the long shadows on the ground and the stark blue cloudless sky that perches high above my head.  The half hour or so that I've been out here has added years to my life and it's time for me to partake of the perro calientes that are bubbling on the grill.  Do you need Calgon to take you away?

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  1. haha perros calientes! i see you flexing your spanish skills.