Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Eagle has landed!  We finally made it to the Cheyenne Mountain's Heart Geocache with the help of Rich (pictured here).  He owns "The Heart", as Stacie and I have affectionately called it, and he is quite the experience hiker.  In Colorado, we call mountains over 14,000 feet above sea level "14ers" and he has climbed over 50 of them!  He has 4 grandchildren and is originally from Massachusetts, but he says that he got here as soon as he could.   He wanted to show us that you could see the cache location from where this picture was taken and he moved to within 3 inches of the edge without any fear.  I, on the other hand, did not get closer than a few feet from the edge.  He took a of couple hours of his time this afternoon to act as our tour guide and we are so thankful. The entire journey took an hour and 20 minutes which is about two hours less than our other attempts.  Back in July when Becky and Gary were here, we were about 10 feet from the car when a passing by Geocacher "advised" us that it was easier to get to this cache from the bottom of the mountain.  We have approached it from below as suggested but with negative results.  If you are reading this and are going to attempt this cache, approach it from Old Stage Road.  The vistas from this cache are the best in Colorado Springs and one of the most rewarding Geocaching experiences we have had.  How many mountains have you climbed?

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  1. Hey! That's me! How many mountains have I climbed? There are actually 54 14ers in Colorado and I climbed my 54th 14er in August 2007. I love the mountains and when I discovered geocaching in 2004 I decided to place my first cache in the mountains on the outskirts of Colorado Springs overlooking the 5-Star Broadmoor Hotel. As Mark and Stacie will tell you, this is not your ordinary hike, but well worth the trip. I had a fun afternoon!