Saturday, August 28, 2010

It looks like someone hit a few garage sales.  I don't remember seeing the lady who got out of this car at ours.  Stacie and I can't believe the phenomenon we experienced today.  We set out 4 signs and advertised on an Internet community garage sale post site.  At one point I turned to Stacie and hurriedly told her that we should have hired valet parking attendants.  We were extremely busy and were lucky to have the help of a neighbor to direct traffic, answer questions, and take money.  Our signs clearly stated that the sale hours would be 8 until 2.  We started hauling items out to the driveway at 6am and we had customers.  We were busy from that point until 4pm.  We didn't have a chance to eat the breakfast sitting on the stove, we didn't have a chance to finish our first cup of coffee until around 12:30.  We couldn't eat lunch because of the onslaught of patrons.  We exhaustively lugged the spoils back into the garage, took a quick shower, picked up our signs, and let a restaurant staff feed us.  Can you believe people actually shoplift at a garage sale?

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  1. someone stole from your garage sale? who wouldve thought there would be a problem with garagelifters?