Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a pleasure to Geocache in Colorado Springs underneath the watchful eye of the Rocky Mountains.  We've seen a wide variety of containers, techniques, and terrain used to hide the sought after treasures.  Some are very clever in their presentation and their bold "in plain sight" location.  My favorite caches all seem to be those that make you think around the box, through the box, behind the box and on top of the box.  I've taken as much as 5 months to find a baffling cache of the highest difficulty.  I've also been known to steer our morning run past a cache that I've been looking for.  Stacie prefers caching long trails where we pick up finds as we go.  Once we transported our bikes to Manitou Springs and spent the day biking, caching and we even took in a garage sale.  Geocaching takes us to places that we would have otherwise never seen and the hiders often include fascinating history stories that are surprisingly informative without being boring.  Many puzzle caches involve mathematics, logic, and visual clues that are designed to make you think.  Geocaching has something for everyone from the smallest tike to the mature adventurer.  Have you found a Geocache yet?

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