Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This morning on the way to work I was prepared for anything.  I had two travel mugs full of hot, dark roast coffee (Community, of course) and a clear, fresh perspective compliments of a decent night's sleep.  I hit almost every stop light with red as the color of the day but that didn't matter since I took advantage of the idle time and took a few snapshots along the way.  I was determined to not let anything bother me today and I think I did fairly well considering the hand I was dealt.  Stacie and I are now sitting on the back deck while I type this and she is tapping on the Ipad.  The sun has disappeared and we are winding down our day and are about to relax in the hot tub.  I'm going to let the stress and problems of the day just melt off into the 103 degree temperature. I'm turning the Etcha Sketch of life upside down and shaking it to have a clean start to tomorrow.   How did you handle the troubles of the day?

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