Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tonight Stacie and I were able to attend a pre-opening of a new restaurant in town.  It was totally complementary but you could donate money to a specific charity if you wanted too.  The food was great from start to finish and the atmosphere was created with good taste as well.  We had great conversation with the couple across the table and were quite amazed at the gentleman sitting nearby "sampling" from the 8 beer glasses in front of him.  He would take a sip and reflect on its "bouquet" and then make the strangest faces.  He finished every drop from every glass and walked out on his own two feet.  Since this was a trial run for the restaurant we had extra attention from the wait staff and management.  I had the best restaurant jambalaya outside of the state of Louisiana and we will definitely be back when they open their doors to the public.  It was an all around fun night and when we got home Stacie and I walked underneath the beautiful Colorado sky lit by the big full moon (this picture was taken hand-held without the aid of a tripod).  Have you contributed to a well-deserved charity lately? 

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