Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When I was young we lived in Pennsylvannia, far away from our family in Louisiana.  I remember our visits in the summer were filled with barefoot adventures and lots of iced tea to stave off the heat of the sweltering outdoor "oven".  Occasionally we were allowed to go to the barn and pull off 20 feet of Visqueen (brand name of plastic sheeting) and flood it with water.  We were allowed 20 feet but we took 50 (does anybody know the statute of limitations on something like this?).  Despite the welts and itching I suffered (I'm allergic to most grasses) we played for hours and we attracted almost every kid in the neighborhood.  Frequently our fun was disturbed by a deluge and as long as there wasn't any lightning we were welcome to surf the ditches.  Every evening when I take a walk around our community I see this weeping willow and I am instantly transported to Momsy and Popsy's backyard where their willow was home to dozens of dragonflies that would dare you to catch them.  When the tired shadows of the day retreated and dusk was upon us, we were visited by the comforting illumination of friendly fireflies that lit the Vermilion sky.  Their beacons often guided us to the back of the house where the amazing aromas escaping through the kitchen door drew us in like a tractor beam.  We would hurriedly "wash" our hands and faces to pass the muster in order to be seated at the feast.  Popsy would pray (in French, only) and then the conversation of eating would turn serious.  What is your best memory of summers in your youth?

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  1. This picture and what you wrote brought back so many memories of so many years ago. I can almost smell Momsy's good food cooking.I remember what you all looked like playiny in the rain and how we had to use the hose to get the grass off you guys before you could come in the house, Thanks for the memories!!!!!