Sunday, September 5, 2010

We hiked The Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park today.  The sheer height and mass of these enormous rocks were amazing.  We saw rocks bigger than the Louisiana Superdome and we hiked around, over, and through them.  There were places that required us to have our feet on one wall and our hands on another, while we were horizontal to the ground for about 30 feet.  During the hike we hiked on irregular and broken outcroppings, along narrow ledges, and above severe drop-offs. There were cracks which had to be navigated and narrow places in the rock that was definitely not for the claustrophobic.  We had to crawl under, and then pull ourselves up through very narrow openings. We saw several arches that most people don't know exist let alone have seen.  The park ranger said that less than .1 percent of the visitors to the park get to experience our 3 hour excursion (tickets were very hard to get).  We had gone 10 minutes into the trek when news that someone in our group had dropped out and returned to the trailhead.  The 389 pictures I took today did not relay the scale that we experienced in person.  We had so much fun and we felt honored to tread where few have gone.  Have you visited a National Park this summer?

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