Saturday, September 4, 2010

We found the best Mexican restaurant today just around the corner.  Too bad it's 407 miles from our house.  If you are looking for a place that's out of the way, has an endless supply of things to do, and is so stunning with its beauty, then Moab, Utah is the place for you.  The Labor Day weekend traffic was really bad between Denver and Aspen but it thinned out further west.  Last night as we drove here we were very conscience about the time.  The hotel was going to tape our key to the outside of the office door if we didn't get there by 1am.  We arrived at 12:57 and the whole way we had fun with the idea that the business would open themselves up to just anyone grabbing the key and spending the night on our dime.  We spent today walking around in the 110 degree heat finding hidden parts of the town and we also found a Geocache or two.  We later drove 32 miles northwest to Canyonlands National Park and watched the shadows fall upon the magnificent rock formations as the sun got lower in the sky.  We sat perched high on the pinnacle of Grand View Point an marvelled about God's masterpiece.  Although you can't tell from this picture, we were about 4 miles from these regal grooves carved into the landscape and we couldn't help but overhear the mostly foreign tourists ooh and aah as they admired the view.  Have you ever driven to another state to just sit and stare at the ground? 

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