Friday, October 22, 2010

Tonight the gang was treated to "Woot Beard Floats" after dinner and what a treat it was.  We were informed that the delicious sweet was for "Supo Hewos".  A couple of scoops of ice cream dropped into a glass of carbonated extract of sassafras root will send you back to the years of your youth faster than you can say "This Woot Beard Float is so good".  Later the sugar rush was replaced with a DS gaming marathon and now Elijah and Rozzlyn are watching a movie. There are two laptops, one iPad, a cell phone, DS, a cordless phone, and a digital single-lens reflex camera on the kitchen table right now and that is quite a difference from your "Woot Beard" induced childhood flashback (I just like typing "Woot Beard").  Back in the day we would have emptied the glass and headed off outside to absorb some of the Louisiana heat.  What is your favorite nostalgic memory?

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