Saturday, October 2, 2010

We spent most of the day hiking in the Pulpit Rock open space.  We found a few Geocaches and right after a very unexpected find we discovered a nice deer antler just laying on the ground.  We climbed up to one cache that brought us to a grand view and later when we were making our way to the east side of the open space we came across this ravine.  I made my way to a shallow crossing and stepped across, but Stacie was feeling mighty Olympic today.  I'd say that her hands were predicted her performance rating and I'd also have to give her a 10.  She stuck the landing.  After trekking up and down steep slopes I told Stacie that I would have made a poor hunter in the pioneer days.  She asked why, and I explained that after 4 hours in the wilderness I had not spotted anything we could have used for dinner (Can you eat cat tails? They look like corn dogs!!!).  Less than 2 minutes later Stacie said "Look at that deer!"  He was an 8 pointer and just stood there like him in the headlights.  I took a few pictures but the telephoto lens was in a different backpack at home so I couldn't capture the concerned expression on his face.  Stacie would have had to been the hunter if we lived back in the Old West since I couldn't find wild game unless it was wrapped in plastic at the local grocer.  When was last leap of faith that you've taken? 

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